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[Hide-away/Hide & Seek/Find youOctober 21, 2009

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AAA Official LINE

「ミサフィア」 special site☆ [Beige X back ribbon]

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Misako’s Blog(2014/10/21)✯

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Misako’s Twitter✯

*start of online shop early orders for 「ミサフィア」before it’s released on the 23rd!! photo, sweet girly white tartan

http://www.sho-bi.jp/misafia/index.html …


http://sp.mu-mo.net/shop/r/uno_1410/ …   *

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「ミサフィア」mu-mo shop!

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[vivi] Nomember 2014  Misako x Chiaki

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Gold Symphony Arena Tour Final *full+encore YT*

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Misako’s Twitter✯

*hey…what should i do? avex.jp/nissy/  *

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"During AAA’s final arena tour performance on October 18th, AAA announced they will hold their first Asia Tour next year; to celebrate their 10th anniversary. AAA’s Asia Tour is set to start in April (2 cities, 2 lives). Singapore on April 4, 2015 and Taiwan April 11, 2015.”

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